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The world of film making, the intensity of being on camera, and being part of tightly knit team of film makers, is something I only recently discovered  and I am hooked .... Here are  clips from the independent film scene in  the UK with releases seen now in the US and UK with Amazon.   I was awarded Best Actress at the 2019 Rob Knox Film Festival. 

"Mission White" written and directed by Commercial Director Tom Clover - winning 4th place in the Kodak 30 mm competition

"Curse of the Humpty Dumpty" written and directed by Scott Jeffrey - Jagged Edge Productions - ITN Distribution - Amazon 

"Clown Doll" written and directed by Scott Jeffrey, Jagged Edge Productions, ITN Distribution and "Curse of the Scarecrow" directed by Louisa Warren, Champdog Films seen on Amazon.

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