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In Nov 2020 stage Kindly Productions recorded a concept Album of the musical drama "Soviet Zion" produced and written by  Katy Lipson & Giles Howe - click on website for more details for iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. First performed in 2014 at the Jewish Museum London the video clip super imposes the  yiddish recording from the album.  

"Soviet Zion" was first performed at the Jewish Museum in 2014 and with the 2020 recording (in Yiddish)  here is a clip from that performance


a clip from a rehearsal of that musical hit from the musical by Jules Styne and lyrics by Sondheim "Gypsy"  "Everythings coming up Roses"  - for the summer Musical Theatre concerts at  Pitlochry Festival 2021 


In Nov 2020 I was commissioned to do a song for an advertising stint for PevicFit - the up and coming commercial director Tom Clover and I hired a small stage - and Dillie Keane (Fasinating Aida) unbelievably agreed to write a song on the theme! 

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